How To Write Interesting Posts-Know How Guide

Write interesting posts to stay in the race

Competition in blogging field is so huge that one needs to be extraordinarily talented to survive as a blogger. The myths about easy blogging success have now vanished into the air and new ‘Must Follow’ rules have found their place in blogging. Those were the days when there were not many blogs and so the competition was almost negligible.

But today, there’s a tough competition. You need to be multi-talented in order to prove yourself to be a good blogger. And you need to write interesting posts, too.


One thing where a blogger feels difficulty is picking his/her unique writing style. It should make them stand out among other competitors. Though they are able to have their own writing style, they should try to improvise it. But it’s not possible for everyone to write interesting posts. Then, how to write interesting posts? Or how to make your posts interesting?

Use one or two quotes:

A picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly, a ‘quote’ is worth a thousand words. Quotes are easily remembered, striking phrases. Readers understand the meaning of the parts of the post with the help of the quotes. Sometimes, they act as ‘sum-up’ lines. Hence, use a quote or two appropriately. Do not try to stuff in a lot of them. It makes your readers feel that they are just reading some quotes. If you really want to write interesting posts, make sure you have one quotation included in the post, as,

Read this quote!

“There are two kinds of writers: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder.”

Add Humour:

Add some humour in your posts. But be careful and do not use it unless your post demands that. Not everyone can have this witty style of writing. So this is optional. But try to get some taste of it.

Emotionaly engage the readers:

Try to engage your readers emotionally by making them a part of what you want to say. Give real life examples. Try asking them a question.

End your post on a positive note:

Always close your post with some positive value. Even if you are talking about something negative, do not conclude so. Leave it to the readers by asking them questions like…
“What do you think………………………………..?”

Analyze the post:

Very Important  

Read your post from a reader’s point of view but not the author’s view. Is it interesting? Does it make you feel happy? Does the post have any value to the reader? Does the post actively engage the readers?

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